It’s Been A Long Time…

Hey everyone, I just feel really bad about not updating this blog for awhile. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I’ve been very focused on school and in real life. I know that updating on Twitter and Facebook in every waking minute is the “norm” but to me it gets in the way of so many other things that I really want to do later on in the future. My work is becoming a huge priority to me now more than ever so it’s best for me to improve on my oeuvre and to continue creating more new work.

I just really love living in the Bay Area. For one, my father’s job is here, and second that’s where I attend school. It’s a very beautiful and forward thinking place, it’s like this place was designed for me. After living here for five years I can never imagine living anyplace else, my father is trying to find another job because he’s dissatisfied with the one he is working for now. I’m not sure that’s going to actually happen, but I just hope he isn’t required to move outside of the region. I remember the time when he just got hired at his current job he flew to the US and left me, my mother and brother behind in Israel for three years. At first he was living for a time in Minnesota, then later in Illinois and then finally in Northern California. He lived in three different towns in three different states before me and my mother had moved in with him permanently.

So that’s basically it for now. I’m just really looking forward to creating and exploring different things during break. I really can’t promise anything because if I do then it doesn’t actually happen at all in the end. I’ll try my best, but yet again I a’int promising anything….

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Upcoming Zine

I haven’t added any new work here or on DeviantArt lately, but there is no need to worry because I am currently working on a brand new website that I promised I would do in the next couple of months. I didn’t know before exactly what I would like to work on and I figured I would do a e-zine. It’s also a participatory project so if you are ever interested working on it in any way then please let me know in the comments section or through email.

I’ve been getting into zines and zine culture lately, and there are many reasons why I feel this is one of the best forms of media. For one, there is a very sentimental and unique quality to a zine. a lot of them are done by hand, and takes the creator/publisher a lot more time and effort. The creator can decorate his/her zine in any style they wish, so it’s a limitless and cross-cutural medium, they can make it either completely minimalistic or highly abstract and decorative. In the past people did zines from all kinds of subcultures such as punk and hip-hop. Since they are wholly independent from any publishing company they are free from any kinds of advertising and censorship, so the creator can whatever content he/she desires, like gore and pornography and not get sued for it. They can criticize corporations and their government openly without having to edit or completely censor certain kinds of information that they fear would put them in a negative light. They are either sold in small local stores or are given from the creator to the individual for free. Most importantly this is one of the very few forms of media that can never be commodified (be used only for money basically), and can be used for its true purpose.

So I did some sketches, and had gathered some public domain images and my own illustrations to add to the site. It will be based on a variety of topics, such as culture and commentary. It will be divided into four categories; which are news, media, style and an about page regarding the e-zine. Each article of every page will be entirely different and unique from each other, just like in a traditional zine. Below is the proposed logo for the new zine.


It’s a combination of script and print, I used a combo of my own handwriting for the script and an altered Bauhaus font for the print.

It’s simple just designing for it, but it takes a lot longer building it and putting it together. I’m hoping that it will be complete sometime around August, before I get back to school. Again if anyone is interest in participating with me on this project then please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Trippy Videos

It’s been awhile, but here is some footage I shot from the road trip.

The first video is of a Malayam tiger that I shot at the San Diego zoo and the second one is a shot of Lake Powell, which is about some 300 miles from the Grand Canyon. It sound weird saying this but whenever you watch something it almost gives you the illusion that your actually at that particular place. Please feel free to use these videos on your own whim, if you remix them or add them into your films then add the complete film featuring one of these clips in the comments section below.

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The Story So Far…

I’m so sorry that it took we a long while to update to write in this blog, there’s times were I have to stop and collect some thoughts and memories when I try writing something. It’s not a simple process, but I’m trying to get a hang of it each and every time. But I had a very interesting and exciting time on my trip, a lot has definetly happened on it and I would be more then happy to share some photos and footage from my experience in the next update.

On the beginning of our trip we stopped over in Barstow, which used to be an old mining town on Route 66 in California, which is about an hour and a half drive towards Las Vegas. My family and I had envisioned it as a mid-century style town with retro signage, motels, gas stations and restaurants. However once we all got there it was more upscale and modern in many parts of the town, and it’s (probably) due to the fact that Barstow became a landmark and tourist hotspot some several years ago. Other interesting small towns my family went through were Williams, Arizona (which is about some 20 miles away from the Grand Canyon), Kanab and Hurricane, Utah and Gowan, California. They are all very beautiful lesser-known small towns and it’s usually the towns and cities that aren’t tourist hotspots or landmarks that have more historical and aesthetic appeal.

Driving over to Vegas wasn’t exactly a part of our trip. But since we had gotten discounts from my father’s cousin and wife to stay over at Caesar’s Palace (you know, the one where The Hangover was filmed?), we decided to make that an integral part of our trip. I always knew that Caesar’s Palace was huge when I first visited Las Vegas, so I was already very familiar with the hotel. The view from our hotel room was very unreal, I really don’t think you would ever find such a view from a low-cost, economically sized hotel room. We had a view of the pool and the other side of the hotel in the center, The Flamingo Hotel, The Venetian and The Wynn Hotel on the right and the view of the Las Vegas suburbs and Nevada mountains on the left.

The thing I disliked most about being in Vegas was the weather, during the summer it’s always between 90 to 110 degrees outside. After being out for so long that morning I had to keep begging my mother to take me back to the hotel so that I could just go to that pool. Later in the day we saw the show Mystère at the Treasure Island hotel. I love any kind of show in which you can interact with your audience, which was also quite fun and exciting. There was a small performance at the beginning of the show, in which the audience was getting into their seats. I would definitely recommend this show if you are on a tight budget but are interested in seeing big bold shows. It really made our time in Vegas a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Next up we drove from Vegas to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been there and I’ve always wondered how large and how deep the canyon was. Not only was it so deep and enormous but it was quite long too and very vast as well. I took some footage of the canyon and my parents had took some still photos. I probably won’t be there again in the next twenty to thirty years, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

On our final leg of the trip we drove over to San Diego. I’ve never been to San Diego before, so I’ve always been curious to know what the city was like. I think it’s safe to say that I visited all the major Californian cities. There is a very active nightlife there, and all of the bars and restaurants (and some of the gift shops) were open.

On our first full day in San Diego we visited the San Diego which was the largest zoo we’ve ever been at. We stood in line to see a panda (there was only one there) and it took us about five to ten minutes waiting in line to see it. I took us about three to four hours walking around the entire area. On our next full day there we went to SeaWorld and saw all of the five shows there. Again I’m all for any show that interacts with it’s audience, but my favorite would have to be Sea Lions live which the trainer does a dance/acting number at the beginning of the show. On our final day in San Diego we drove over to the Safari Park in Escondido (which is a suburb in northern San Diego). The best and most interesting part of the place is seeing the animals in their (almost) natural habitat (kind of like a sanctuary), which is much better for them instead of seeing them confined into such a small area (like a cage), the area is wider and gives the animals a chance to roam around and be in touch with other animals as if they were in the wild.

After our time at the Safari Park we decided to head right back home, we didn’t have time  to visit Balboa Park and we were too tired to drive up the California coastline. It’s good to be back, but it’s always fun to go out and see different things, to just see the beauty in everything. Hopefully I can try bringing that out to others with the work I do.

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Road Trip!

So this morning my family and I will start traveling to Barstow, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, San Diego and through Highway 101 on the California coastline. I don’t know how much I’ve been anticipating this trip, but I’m just really looking forward to shooting a lot of photographs and footage. Lately I’ve been really immersing myself with a lot of ideas, on what kind of projects I’m looking forward to. I plan on building a website containing my work and a few random things that I like thrown in, it will be sort of like a tumblr on steroids.

As for the final I did a few changes to the background, logo and image placement on most of the pages. While my work was being shown and reviewed in class I did some of the specified changes he wanted. There was some things I missed out but overall I think he was pretty satisfied with it. You can click over here to see the complete website.

It will be a very creative and active three months, I’m really excited about working on new and different things. If you try delving into it more your never going to miss out on anything because something very exciting might come up in the end… on the big wide open road.

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