No See…

Where do I begin…

First of all, I feel kind of awful not writing in here for so long. Life (and just general nothingness) had ended up getting the best of me.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president two months ago my anxiety had literally went through the roof and everything that I cared about and took for granted (like freedom of speech and our internet) would be jeopardized. I was ridden with anxiety and there would be days where I would be in tears not knowing were we are heading in this country.

Even before the elections I knew I wanted to get involved and be a part of something. Last month I donated $40 to (and another $10 last week), to help combat some of Trumps policies regarding the press and to help maintain an open internet. The money in return would be used to lobby our politicians make those choices for us. I knew I didn’t have enough money but I felt scared and desperate so I ended up donating, knowing that it would appear in my account. Eventually my mother found out later that I donated to this organization and I told her why I did it and what reason I had for it, she told me that she wasn’t willing to pay for it so I paid her back the $40 that I gave to the organization.

The least that I was able to do was to film a video and post it on Youtube expressing my concerns and encouraging viewers to donate and spread awareness about these issues.

I noticed lately that there has been a huge resistance towards the Trump presidency since he was inaugurated into office. The day following the inauguration was the Woman’s March that took place in Washington DC and around the world, regarding Trump’s stance on women and women’s issues. Overall, I think it’s great that both women and men are spreading awareness on women’s rights. However I had my own reservations regarding the march and why I haven’t expressed my views as openly about it.

We can all agree that racism and sexism has been going on for quite some time in this country, but I think people need to be more open and inclusive when it comes to all different racial and ethnic groups and not be selective by shoving them into a category by defining who’s more black, who’s more Latino or who’s more Muslim. There are so many stories and people that are missing from the march. I don’t feel like Orthodox Jewish and Israeli women aren’t given any standing or visibility in the march (it fell on a Saturday, Orthodox Jews can show up and walk in the march if close by but can’t carry signs or use their smartphones to film or take snapshots). I also think that Christian and secular Arabs aren’t given enough representation than Muslim Arabs, since the later are the most visible and make up the majority of all Arabs.

As much as I questions this and other movements, do I think this is going to change anything within our federal government and how it runs today and in the future? It depends on how serious we are and how hard we’re willing to fight for it.

So in the meantime I’m just getting prepared for school next week and just taking some time to relieve any tension that I was pent up with over break. I would like to be as calm and productive as possible while internally fighting the power!


About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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