Brand Spanking New Site, And More…

I feel terrible lately for not creating anything. I did a few portraits in Illustrator. I feel like I improved so much on it. Here’s one I did of my bestie Sarah, and another one of a daughter of a former social skills instructor that I used to have.

Sarah-Dooley-(Portrait)   Lilli Gallo (Portrait)

It seemed like over the years as I was using Illustrator, my work is starting to turn out even better overtime. I didn’t focus too much on detail, because I wanted to make it look as flat as possible. However it did have some dimension with the color and lighting (through the gradient effect) so it still has some type a realism in the picture.

Last Friday, I’ve been working on another brand new website. It’s going to have the same premise as the other one that I was working on, but it’s not going to called LeZine, have tons of pages and features and is guaranteed to not hurt your eyes…

I'm A Kook Homepage  I'm A Kook GalleryI'm A Kook Info

It’s a basic blog/website. Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. I’m doing the whole site with WordPress, and I plan on using a responsive pre made theme so that people are able to use the site easily through a tablet or cellphone. I’m still thinking about what other pages I should add to it though, I do plan on adding an art gallery, and I also plan on having a resource page (particularly on art and music). I find whatever sparks my interest, and I post it in that section, and visitors are free to do the same too and are free to comment or discuss on that particular interest. It’s still very complex though, so it’s still in the works. If you have any suggestions of your own then that would be really great.

For the layout, I drew and assembled the pattern myself, the flowers are based on Indian/Mod florals. I was flipping through one of my art books for different color combos and thought that the sky blue/white/black mix looked nice. I used a western style font for the title/logo, the font I’ve used for everything else is the Archer font instead of a typical Helvetica or Times New Roman font for a stylized typewriter effect.

The overall design of the website is based on a variety of sources and the primary inspiration for the design was based on the low-brow Mission School movement which was based in San Francisco, California from the 1990s to the very beginning of the 21st century (Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen and Chris Johanson were notable members). There art is based on a diverse array of contemporary/traditional influences; such as graffiti, comic and folk art and then updated to reflect the society and culture of that era. Some of the artists were self taught, while some of them had some formal training (most of them had attended the San Francisco Art Institute, hence the “School” name). What really struck me most about this movement, is how relevant it still is to most artists today. These days there are even web and new media designers that are using the same type of indie/DIY aesthetic the Mission School artists used in their work. It’s very low key, but fun and eye catching at the same time. I have visited the Energy That Is All Around exhibition, which was held at the Walter and McBean Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute last year and had it’s run at Grey Art Gallery at New York University early this year. Pictures from the exhibition in San Francisco can be seen here.

The new name of the website is I’m A Kook which is taken from Margaret Kilgallen’s final 2001 installation Main Drag, featuring some of her trademark figures, wording and foliage. In one large panel of the installation, it features a street scene with a few pedestrians walking across. In it, it shows two surfer talking two each other, with one of them saying “” and another one saying “” which parodies the dot-com boom and the internet culture of that era (people don’t use www in front of a web address anymore). I also wanted to use that name for the site because I thought it sounded humorous. Plus it’s a word that Kilgallen would use often in her own work. It was first shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philedelphia, the Whitney Biennal in 2002 and at MOCA’s Art In The Streets in Los Angeles three years ago. Pictures of it can been seen over here.

So overall I’ve been doing well, I went to the Boardwalk last week just because I felt very bummed out and wanted to do something fun and exciting to keep myself happy. I’ve been working for my parents, so basically I’m just doing whatever I can to keep myself busy and occupied over the summer. It help me feel more inspired and more motivated to work, because it’s been really lacking lately… until then, have a beautiful, inspiring and drama free summer. Cheers!


About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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