Being Sick Sucks

So I’ve been working a studying a lot over the past few months (I’ve also been celebrating Passover the other week and we have to keep this holiday for one more day) and for some reason I came down with an annoying sore throat that I will not go away. I couldn’t use Cold-Eaze (because it contains corn syrup, an ingredient derived from corn, which isn’t allowed on Passover and is considered kitnyot) which sucks because it works really well and helps fight colds (and incoming colds) off faster. So I just waited for it to pass, but it didn’t and it just kept getting worse. I’ll probably wind up with a painful sore throat or a stuffy and runny nose, or both.

I love the weather here in the Bay Area, but I really can’t stand it sometimes. There were days when it would be sunny and would be around 50 degrees and a few others were it would be cloudy but around 70 degrees. I would have a hard time figuring out what to wear during weather like that and I’m always scared of getting sick because I would’t be wearing warm enough clothing when I’m out.

I’ve also noticed that my colds are becoming less worse as I got older. I was in bed a lot, and couldn’t even blow my own nose and didn’t dress warm enough then. It mostly depended on the climate, are bodies are less resistant to germs and diseases when we are in cooler weather. It was always really cold as I was living on Long Island (New York) and my colds would be very excruciating, my sore throats would feel like having a big huge lump in my throat and would have a very heavy and stuffy nose. I felt very week and was always in bed and if I was out of bed I felt very zombie like (I noticed this again while I was attending a cousins wedding in Queens a few years ago). Once we moved back to Israel for seven more years then my colds and sore throats became much lighter and didn’t have them that frequently. Israel is known for it’s warm weather and sometimes it would be year round (it didn’t even rain there for six years one time). I sore throats would still hurt, and sometimes they would be even worse than a stuffy nose, which are almost non-exsistant. Yeah, your nose is runny but it isn’t stuffy and crusty with dry mucus. As I moved to the Bay Area my colds were the same as I was living in Israel (the climate here is almost identical to that in Israel).

But in spite of it I make sure that I try warding off one as much as possible, I dress warmer and I try getting up and do more active things instead of just lying in bed all day (I did that already during my Passover vacation).

All you really have to do to just be healthy and active, and to stay informed, and that’s all there is to being cold-free all season long and year round.


About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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