Back To School

Wow… it looks like I’ve been abandoning this blog for quite some time. I don’t feel there’s really that much to say and prefer that much of my life is away from public eyes as much as possible.

Speaking of privacy I had to make one post private, because I felt like I was releasing to much personal info in that post. I wrote that entry nine months ago and didn’t realize it would effect anyone who would come across it. I’ve learnt that some (if not most) things are meant to be kept private. In that case, I am very sorry…

So I’ve began school again four weeks and have been taking all of my work very seriously. I didn’t realize until late last year that if I’m going to be in the web and design business than I have to study and work hard to build my portfolio in order for me to get hired. As I started studying more I noticed that much of my work has significantly improved and has gotten more professional overtime. Before I felt like school work was like work, but since the portfolio class from last year I was able to improve on my project from the pervious semesters and during this semester I was able to focus and write down notes in class. It’s still work, but it no longer feels like forced work.

When you have an instructor that respects you and give you constructive criticism, then that’s what helps you get better as a student. I don’t think I would of done any better if I had a instructor who criticizes his students and their work all time (and just treats them like crap) just because he feels that he can. I just can’t work with a person who has that kind of attitude, it never helps anyone and it just makes it even harder for that person to focus and do better.

Of course when I first started attending Academy of Art University (in 2008), I didn’t know anything about branding and web design, and had very little knowledge on using Illustrator or Photoshop. I was mostly into Fine Art, but I chose Computer Art/New Media (now known as Web Design/New Media) because I knew that there would be a big demand for that kind of work. My earlier work was very poor to subpar. I didn’t listen to much in class, and I kept being told to do better and I hated that, I always kept thinking that my work looked great even if it looked like utter crap to everyone else. I just wasn’t able to accept any kind of critism, and all of my work ended up really shoddy. It wasn’t until four to five years later that my work needed an overhaul, and that my ultra-resistant attitude to my work needed one too.

So eventually I was able to practice with the Adobe Suite, did some research on different branding/logo designs, tried to learn all the coding in HTML/CSS and overtime that really helped me familiarize and become more adapted to it. I didn’t feel like that all of this was so foreign to me anymore, therefore I was able to do well in all of my work as well.

I feel that I still have more time to do better and learn more with each passing semester. I’m really happy with the path that I’m on now and I feel that this is the kind of job I would want to do for the rest of my life.


About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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