It’s Been A Long Time…

Hey everyone, I just feel really bad about not updating this blog for awhile. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I’ve been very focused on school and in real life. I know that updating on Twitter and Facebook in every waking minute is the “norm” but to me it gets in the way of so many other things that I really want to do later on in the future. My work is becoming a huge priority to me now more than ever so it’s best for me to improve on my oeuvre and to continue creating more new work.

I just really love living in the Bay Area. For one, my father’s job is here, and second that’s where I attend school. It’s a very beautiful and forward thinking place, it’s like this place was designed for me. After living here for five years I can never imagine living anyplace else, my father is trying to find another job because he’s dissatisfied with the one he is working for now. I’m not sure that’s going to actually happen, but I just hope he isn’t required to move outside of the region. I remember the time when he just got hired at his current job he flew to the US and left me, my mother and brother behind in Israel for three years. At first he was living for a time in Minnesota, then later in Illinois and then finally in Northern California. He lived in three different towns in three different states before me and my mother had moved in with him permanently.

So that’s basically it for now. I’m just really looking forward to creating and exploring different things during break. I really can’t promise anything because if I do then it doesn’t actually happen at all in the end. I’ll try my best, but yet again I a’int promising anything….


About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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