The Story So Far…

I’m so sorry that it took we a long while to update to write in this blog, there’s times were I have to stop and collect some thoughts and memories when I try writing something. It’s not a simple process, but I’m trying to get a hang of it each and every time. But I had a very interesting and exciting time on my trip, a lot has definetly happened on it and I would be more then happy to share some photos and footage from my experience in the next update.

On the beginning of our trip we stopped over in Barstow, which used to be an old mining town on Route 66 in California, which is about an hour and a half drive towards Las Vegas. My family and I had envisioned it as a mid-century style town with retro signage, motels, gas stations and restaurants. However once we all got there it was more upscale and modern in many parts of the town, and it’s (probably) due to the fact that Barstow became a landmark and tourist hotspot some several years ago. Other interesting small towns my family went through were Williams, Arizona (which is about some 20 miles away from the Grand Canyon), Kanab and Hurricane, Utah and Gowan, California. They are all very beautiful lesser-known small towns and it’s usually the towns and cities that aren’t tourist hotspots or landmarks that have more historical and aesthetic appeal.

Driving over to Vegas wasn’t exactly a part of our trip. But since we had gotten discounts from my father’s cousin and wife to stay over at Caesar’s Palace (you know, the one where The Hangover was filmed?), we decided to make that an integral part of our trip. I always knew that Caesar’s Palace was huge when I first visited Las Vegas, so I was already very familiar with the hotel. The view from our hotel room was very unreal, I really don’t think you would ever find such a view from a low-cost, economically sized hotel room. We had a view of the pool and the other side of the hotel in the center, The Flamingo Hotel, The Venetian and The Wynn Hotel on the right and the view of the Las Vegas suburbs and Nevada mountains on the left.

The thing I disliked most about being in Vegas was the weather, during the summer it’s always between 90 to 110 degrees outside. After being out for so long that morning I had to keep begging my mother to take me back to the hotel so that I could just go to that pool. Later in the day we saw the show Mystère at the Treasure Island hotel. I love any kind of show in which you can interact with your audience, which was also quite fun and exciting. There was a small performance at the beginning of the show, in which the audience was getting into their seats. I would definitely recommend this show if you are on a tight budget but are interested in seeing big bold shows. It really made our time in Vegas a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Next up we drove from Vegas to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been there and I’ve always wondered how large and how deep the canyon was. Not only was it so deep and enormous but it was quite long too and very vast as well. I took some footage of the canyon and my parents had took some still photos. I probably won’t be there again in the next twenty to thirty years, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

On our final leg of the trip we drove over to San Diego. I’ve never been to San Diego before, so I’ve always been curious to know what the city was like. I think it’s safe to say that I visited all the major Californian cities. There is a very active nightlife there, and all of the bars and restaurants (and some of the gift shops) were open.

On our first full day in San Diego we visited the San Diego which was the largest zoo we’ve ever been at. We stood in line to see a panda (there was only one there) and it took us about five to ten minutes waiting in line to see it. I took us about three to four hours walking around the entire area. On our next full day there we went to SeaWorld and saw all of the five shows there. Again I’m all for any show that interacts with it’s audience, but my favorite would have to be Sea Lions live which the trainer does a dance/acting number at the beginning of the show. On our final day in San Diego we drove over to the Safari Park in Escondido (which is a suburb in northern San Diego). The best and most interesting part of the place is seeing the animals in their (almost) natural habitat (kind of like a sanctuary), which is much better for them instead of seeing them confined into such a small area (like a cage), the area is wider and gives the animals a chance to roam around and be in touch with other animals as if they were in the wild.

After our time at the Safari Park we decided to head right back home, we didn’t have time  to visit Balboa Park and we were too tired to drive up the California coastline. It’s good to be back, but it’s always fun to go out and see different things, to just see the beauty in everything. Hopefully I can try bringing that out to others with the work I do.

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I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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