My Life (So Far…)

I said before that I wouldn’t post anything too personal here, so I might as well give myself the go ahead and just do it anyways.

Basically I’ve been studying a lot in school and I’ve noticed that my work is improving very significantly then it was during the previous semester. It’s easy for me to simply design a website but it’s much harder for me to code everything, and that can really be a pain in the ass. For the final I’m doing a working version from a website mock up I did during the previous semester, it’s a modern revamp of the Northside Theater Company website with a mix of blue, green and yellow colors. I still feel like there’s a lot to go though, even just after adding the background, the logo and font I have a long way off with this project and it’s not going to be so simple.

I’ve been adding more new content to my DeviantArt page, it’s an unfinished digital mixed media painting that I’m currently working on (who is in desperate need of somebody to co-create it with). It’s of a girl looking at herself in the mirror with a monster or witch looking back, if anyone is interested in creating the monster or witch for me then let me know because it would be a lot of fun to do a collaboration over the web. I created three vectors, a grandfather clock, a dirty public restroom toilet and a can of coke mixed with aborted fetal cells. Your are free to take any of them and use them in your own work.

So in general I’ve been doing quite well so far, usually it’s not so easy having everything weigh on you like that but feels so great to get it off in the end. But sometimes it’s not that easy, one girl I know of was studying as an art student in college but dropped out because it got way too difficult for her and now she’s working as a crossing guard. I feel that her parents don’t support her enough in what she does, and don’t realize the kind of potential she has. If they did they would push as hard as they possibly can for their daughter to succeed and be successful with what she does later, my parents have been doing the same for me because they really care about what I do and what I want to become later, it’s been my dream to be an accomplished artist (in any medium) since I was seven years old.

So in the net for weeks I really would like to finish the website, make other stuff when I’m not at work at my website and just letting time fly in general…

About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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