Hey everyone, (moved from blog.com)

originally written on April 4th, 2013

So I’ve decided to move my blog from AccordingToMe on blogspot to Blog.com. The reason? Well, there are several reasons as to why I decided to write in here on blog.com instead on Blogspot.

For one, Blogger is blocked in countries like China and Iran where free speech is very limited. I really want my audience to view this blog in every part of the world to have their own voice regardless if their governments try to suppress it or not. We risk doing even the most ordinary things in the US on a day to day basis, like downloading a particular film or song off of The Pirate Bay. It is the most fast and free way to obtain our favorite films and music. But sometimes we get caught with what we do and get fined or thrown in jail as a result. Our country isn’t entirely free, there is still certain limits when it comes to what we do on a personal level.

Another is that I planned on doing a web show and I felt like According To Me would be a good title. But I decided to abandon that idea and start it over from scratch. I do plan on having my own show, it will be based on a variety of topics such as art, music, current events, popular culture and such. It will be a commentary based show, on how I feel on those particular things and will not be slanted and biased. If I feel very strongly about something then I’ll talk about it on a personal level with a bit of bias, but for the most part it will be non-biased. I plan on starting the show this summer.

And lastly I didn’t feel the other blog was suitable enough to talk about the kind of topics I wanted. Blogger is more of a personal blog rather than a public one, and it had my full name and some other personal info on it. However I did mention that I am 22 and attend Academy Art University in San Francisco, so I felt that I wanted introduce myself for just a bit.

After abandoning my other blog and this blog for a bit I decided to get back to blogging again. Speaking of which I did a 60s inspired WordPress theme for class that I was really happy with, you can view it here on this page.

To view my DevientArt account to see some of my other work you can click here on this link.

About sheblum

I am 26 and currently attend Academy Art University in San Francisco.
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